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Octus is a smart, integrated and intuitive recruitment management software designed to make your life easier and your business more productive.

Resume Management

Gather the resumes from multiple sources and manage them from a single space. Source, track and hire candidates with ease.

Track Applicant Status

Our system helps minimise time spent on administrative tasks. Spend less time “managing” the hiring and more time actually hiring and placing candidates.

Powerful Search

We use a multitude of search technology to ensure you get the most comprehensive search in the shortest time possible.

Resume Parsing

Using one of the best CV parsing technology in the industry we are able to ensure the loading of records is quick and efficient at no extra cost.

Candidate Management

Stay updated with the candidates in your database with easy management and search tools within the system.

Job Management

Complete integration with job boards, LinkedIn, Broadbean and other social media platforms ensure that responses come through in real-time. An automated workflow also makes keeping track of the candidate and the notes associated a doddle.

Analytics & Reporting

Octus has a full analytics and reporting suite built in. This enables you to see everything you want in your business, as well as having the ability to create different indicators for different users so regardless of experience everyone feels they are making a difference.

Email & Calendar Integration

Have it all in one interface. Keep your work place simple and clean, and be able to share and save information on various applications all from our system, seamlessly.

Dedicated Support

An excellent support team dedicated to assist you right from the get go - with migration, customisation and maintenance.

A Great Team

talents behind our success

We might not be the best looking bunch of software developers, but we build bloody good recruitment software


We integrate with the best products on the market